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Business Update – April 2021

Welcome to our Business Update for April, included in this month’s update:

Microchip Shortage & Vehicle Lead Times

The global vehicle industry is facing a shortage of semiconductor chips which are vital for onboard computers and safety infotainment systems.

This global shortage,  caused by a surge in demand during the COVID-19 pandemic for consumer electronics including smartphones and PCs is impacting on the ability of all automotive manufacturers to produce vehicles equipped with certain components and is resulting in increased lead times.   To counteract this, vehicle production is being reduced or in some cases stopped altogether.

Ford announced that they are ceasing production of all Transits for a minimum of 5 weeks from 19th April and Renault have announced that their van production will be affected between April and September and are making specification changes to try and reduce the overall delays e.g. removing navigation systems.   As always, Days Fleet will do all we can to support our clients through this situation.

If you have any queries on how your current or future orders may be affected by this please contact your account management team – 01792 277628 / [email protected]

Cardiff Council choose Days Fleet

Two of the most unusual vehicles we have ever funded went out to Cardiff County Council recently to help keep traffic flowing smoothly in and around the city.

Richard Jones, the authority’s Procurement & Contracts Manager – Core Fleet, said: “We have very good relationships with Euro Commercials (the dealer) and Days Fleet, while Acklea (traffic management vehicle and equipment specialist) has also impressed. All three parties worked exceptionally well together on this project, and as a result our highways colleagues now have the right equipment with which to undertake their important work.”

Flexi Hire Bank Holiday Update

The latest time we can accept a termination for a pre-early May bank holiday Flexi Hire collection is 17:00 on Thursday 29th April.

All vehicles which are terminated after 17:00 on Thursday 29th April will remain on hire and chargeable until 08:30 on Tuesday 4th May.

If a branch goes out to collect a vehicle and it is not available, an aborted collection charge will apply and the vehicle will be placed back on hire until 08:30 on Tuesday 4th May.

All hires with a provisional end date after 17:00 on Thursday 29th April will be extended until 08:30 on Tuesday 4th May.

Welcome, Kerry – Happy retirement, Peter!

We’d like to introduce Kerry Jones who has joined Days Fleet in the role of Fleet Maintenance Controller.

Our thanks go to Business Development Manager, Peter Jones who is retiring at the end of this month after three years with the business.  Happy retirement, Peter!

Meet the Team – Stephen

Meet Stephen Snook – Accounts Supervisor, who has been with the business for over fourteen years.

  1. What is your role within Days Fleet?
    My role within the business is Accounts Supervisor. As part of the Accounts Team at Days Fleet I help oversee all financial aspects of the business.
  2. What do you enjoy most about your role with Days Fleet?
    The diversity of my role means it is never boring. I work with a great bunch of colleagues and together I believe we provide a first-class service to our customers, which I take great pride from.
  3. What has been the most challenging part of working during the past 12 months?
    Wow, what a 12 months. The initial change to working from home was certainly challenging, so it’s a credit to the business that I can now say it feels completely natural.
  4. What would you like to achieve in 2021?
    I’d like to continue to help drive my department and the business on to meet whatever challenges the next 12 months bring. Hopefully, life can get back to normal this year for everyone.
  5. What’s the first thing you’d like to do when restrictions are lifted?
    My love is music, so I really can’t wait to be able to listen to live music again with my friends and have a good dance.

Behind the Wheel – Suzuki Swift

We recently had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the new Suzuki Swift hybrid hatchback.

Business Development Manager, Roger Kelly said: “Not many would consider this vehicle as a hybrid vehicle choice however after a three-week test drive covering over 360 miles with less than 30 litres of fuel used it really was a surprise.

“More at home in urban / town use with its self-charging working with braking and de-acceleration the battery kept charging assisting in the 58 mpg consumption figure achieved however with its five-speed gearbox the additional boost from the battery source was very surprising when it came to hilly road conditions.

“The standard specification level on this model would put many of its non-hybrid competitors in the dark, with Rearview camera, Blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning system with a host of other features are all standard features of the vehicle.

“Driving the vehicle with its five-speed gearbox in conjunction with its self-charging capability was more than what was expected of the vehicle.

“Certainly a recommendation for someone who wants to consider a hybrid vehicle who drives in an area with limited charging facilities available.”

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