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Preparing your Vehicle for Return

Before your vehicle is returned to Day’s Fleet we recommend that you:

  • conduct a vehicle appraisal checking for damage – you can refer to the BVRLA’s Fair Wear & Tear Guides for guidance
  • clean the exterior and interior (valet charges may apply if required)
  • remove all personal items – we may be unable to return items once the vehicle is returned.  Don’t forget to check the boot, glove box, centre consoles and door pockets.
  • remove/delete all personal data from the navigation, phone and audio systems
  • ensure that the vehicle has enough fuel – 1/4 tank for petrol/diesel vehicles and 100% charge for electric vehicles 
  • locate all items that were with the vehicle upon delivery, including but not limited to:
    • Master and Spare Keys – these are our most frequently forgotten items!
    • Rear Parcel Shelves – these are often taken out and stored in a garage and then forgotten about but are costly to replace 
    • Vehicle Handbook
    • Service Book
    • Spare Wheel / Wheel Trims/ Locking Wheel Nuts / Tyre Inflation Kit (where applicable)
    • EV Charging Cables
    • Floor Mats
    • Tools such as jack, warning triangle etc

If you have a personalised registration on your vehicle please ensure you have contacted us to arrange retention or re-assignment. 

Should you have any queries before returning your vehicle, please contact our Disposals Team –  01792 277641 / [email protected]

‘Betterment’ Charges
We only issue a betterment charge if a vehicle is returned to us with damage on it which will affect its re-sale value.  We do not make charges against every vehicle; only a small number of vehicles have a charge issued against them. When there are chargeable damages which are marginally beyond the normal industry standard levels of fair wear and tear we tend to overlook these providing we can still achieve a full market value. We will only charge to compensate against a loss in value of the vehicle.  Any damage on the vehicle at contract end is the client’s responsibility regardless of who caused it. 

Occasionally vehicles are returned to us with un-repaired accident damage or damage caused by vandalism and this will affect the price we can achieve for the vehicle. It might be worth noting that in some instances it would be more cost-effective for you to have the repairs done through your insurance company before returning the vehicle; in which case you would only be required to pay the Policy Excess rather than the full cost of repairing the damage as would happen once the vehicle has been returned to us.  If the vehicle cannot be sold because of excessive repairs or an outstanding insurance claim, rentals will continue to be charged.