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Day’s Fleet Monitor is an integrated telematics solution deliveringreal-time intelligence to help your business gain greater awareness of your fleet with a scalable solution – ranging from mileage capture through to a full telematics system.

Fleet Monitor will quickly and simply fit to the on-board diagnostics port of most vehicles and delivers real-time intelligence.

The potential cost savings from encouraging more fuel-efficient driving and monitoring driver behaviour has been said to be more effective than switching to vehicles with lower fuel consumption

You can use it to improve your fleet efficiency by identifying where your vehicles’ travel routes overlap, and find the nearest vehicle to respond to an urgent requirement. The reports available will also allow you to monitor your overall fleet utilisation rate and identify where your vehicles are idling or deviating from expected routes.

The system can also help you to achieve compliance with duty of care requirements by accurately recording drivers’ hours, monitor and address poor driver behaviour.

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Benefits of Fleet Monitoring

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