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Taking your lease vehicle abroad

It has been a busy few weeks for our team here with a lot of VE103 requests from drivers wishing to take their Day’s Fleet vehicle out of the UK.    We predict that numbers will continue to increase as we approach the Whitsun and Summer holidays so we hope you find the below information useful.   

What do I need?

As you are not the legal owner of the vehicle you will need a VE103 (Vehicle on Hire) Certificate to prove that the owner has given permission for you to take the vehicle out of the UK.    You may also need specific items for your vehicle depending upon what countries you are visiting.     

Do I need a VE103 to travel to the Republic of Ireland?

Yes. To enter the Republic of Ireland from either mainland Great Britain or Northern Ireland you will need a VE103 Certificate.  

Why do I need it?

The VE103 certificate must be produced on demand to prove that the driver has permission from the vehicle owner to be in possession of the vehicle.  It is the only legal alternative to the vehicle logbook (V5C).  Letters of authority or photocopies are not acceptable substitutes.  Without the correct documentation, drivers could face long delays at the border or worse, risk having the vehicle impounded.

How do I get a VE103 certificate?

We’ve made it nice and simple – just apply online and we’ll do the rest.   Please apply at least 10 working days before you travel to ensure that you receive the documentation in time. Day’s Fleet also offer travel packs which can be requested at the same time.  

If you have any queries please contact our team at [email protected]

More information can be found on the Going Abroad section of our website.

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