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Summer Driving Tips

Summer heat can take its toll on vehicles (and drivers!)  just as much as the cold winter so here are a few handy tips to help you avoid any issues:

Days Fleet DriverLine

If you’re travelling ensure you have our DriverLine number stored on your mobile – 0345 296 4423 It provides access to our breakdown service, tyre replacements plus glass and windscreen support.

Get your VE103B Certificate

If you’re taking your lease vehicle out of the UK you need to apply for a VE103 Certificate at least 10 days before you travel.   Its quick and easy to do – just click here.

Battery Related Issues

Batteries are the number one cause of summer breakdowns and issues rise due to increased stop start activity in traffic and more short journeys when people are at home or at their holiday destination.  Tablets, mobiles and sat nav’s plugged in to the vehicle also place more demand on the battery and the alternator.

Top Up Fluids

Engine coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, oil and windscreen wash make up the lifeblood of your vehicle.   Make sure you check the levels of each liquid every few weeks.


Tyres rank as the second most common breakdown cause.  If your tyres are already damaged or they’re at the wrong pressure, the higher temperatures of summer will increase the risk of a blowout.   Make sure you check tyres regularly – for condition and pressures – and increase pressures to suit extra loads, as advised in your handbook. Check caravan tyres too.  Visit your local ATS Euromaster for a free of charge tyre health check.


If you sneeze whilst driving at 70mph you lose vision for 100 metres…….   Choose a non-drowsy medication, keep tissues handy and close vents and windows when driving to minimise symptoms.

Wet or lost key fobs

It’s easy to lose your keys in the sand, or ruin your remote control with water by accidentally taking the fob for a swim.

Keep your keys safe and dry and check your handbook – on most vehicles, there’s an alternative way to open the doors that you can use if the remote stopped working.

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