Summer Driving Tips

Summer Driving Tips
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As summer temperatures begin to rise, it’s important that regular checks to your vehicle are undertaken as they are just as important as in winter months.

We’ve put together our top 10 tips to help keep you and your vehicle safe on on the road this summer.

Plan your journey

Plan your route before you set off, including where will be the best places to stop for regular breaks. Check the travel news to help you avoid congestion on the roads.

Take Breaks

Get some fresh air and take a break of 20 minutes at least once on a 3 hour journey or every 2 hours on longer journeys.


Use a clean and unscratched pair of sunglasses, however, very dark glasses may cause visual difficulties, especially when the light changes. Keep your windscreen clean and ensure the wiper blades are not worn or damaged.


Hayfever can be particularly bad in summer, especially for drivers. Wear sunglasses to reduce the strength of bright sunlight and keep the car clear of dust and dirt. Don’t take medication that causes drowsiness and keep tissues in your car.

Check fluid levels

Check all wiper blades for wear or splitting, check the windscreen washer fluid level (Screen wash additive is also recommended) and check that the washer jets are adjusted correctly.

Tyre conditions

Check the condition of tyres for correct pressures and legal tread depth. The current minimum legal tread depth for cars and light commercial vehicles (up to 3500 kg gvw’) is 1.6mm.

Pack the essentials

When you’re going on a long journey make sure you have a mobile phone, charger, water and snacks to keep you going.

Loose chippings

Chippings can become loose from the road during summer and cause damage to headlights and windscreens, as well as bodywork. Keep your distance and reduce your speed to reduce damage.

Keep pets cool

If you have pets, don’t let them overheat. Keep the car well ventilated, don’t leave them in the vehicle unattended and ensure regular water and exercise breaks on long journeys.

Keep checking your mirrors

Better weather and longer days attract far more tractors, caravans, horse riders and cyclists on our roads, check your mirrors thoroughly to ensure you’re always aware of what’s around you.