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Continued pressure on vehicle and parts supply

Vehicle supply continues to be greatly affected by world events over the past two years and shows no sign of improving as a result of the conflict in Ukraine.

In the UK alone almost 100,000 fewer cars were built in the first three months of 2022 compared to last year.  Manufacturers are struggling to get hold of vehicle parts, such as wiring looms from Ukrainian factories,  and computer chips used within entertainment, navigation and driving systems.  Rising energy prices is also having a significant impact on costs.    Most of the orders that we are taking now will not be delivered until 2023.  The days of finding a vehicle in dealer stock or at the port have long gone which makes planning fleet requirements well in advance all the more important.

In life services and vehicle downtime are also being affected due to the shortage of vehicle parts so please ensure that Days Fleet are involved in all vehicle service and MOT bookings so that we can help you deal with any issues faced.

Please book any vehicle work in as far as advance as possible using our online service or calling 0345 296 4423 and choosing option 2.

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