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Vehicle Servicing Reminder

If you think your vehicle is due a service or MOT in the New Year we advise you book ahead as far in advance as possible.    The quickest way to book is using our online portal where bookings can be confirmed in just a few minutes. 

If you need any emergency assistance during the holiday period, please call our DriverLine on 0345 296 4423 where our partners will be available 24/7.

Battery Reminder

If your minibus is left stationary for an extended period of time, typically in excess of five days, the chances of a flat battery are significantly higher.

Periods such as school holidays can increase the chances of you returning to a flat battery – as a reminder, it is your responsibility to ensure that the battery is not flat/discharged.

Should a replacement battery or a breakdown call-out be required to resolve the issue with your battery, this will result in a charge to yourselves.

To minimise this risk, we recommend that you run your vehicle regularly to avoid a flat battery and that your vehicle is equipped with a battery charger/conditioner.  

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