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Tips for running an electric vehicle

20% of Day’s Fleet new vehicle deliveries so far in 2023 have been electric vehicles (EV’s) and we predict this number to increase further in 2024.   It is therefore essential for that users do all they can to maintain the health of the vehicle. 

  1. Use rapid charging as little possible

Rapid chargers will shorten the life of the battery cells.  Only do it if it is necessary, say on a motorway services, and avoid making it normal practice.

  1. Avoid charging to 100% regularly

It is bad practice to constantly keep the vehicle charged to 100%.   If you only use 25% charge every day then only charge it every 4 days.

  1. Drive sensibly

It’s tempting to accelerate with instant torque and single speed gearboxes but the heavier you accelerate the sooner you will need to re-charge which will increase the regularity of charging cycles which in turn reduces the operational life span of the battery.

  1. Avoid the battery going to 0% and long periods of idleness  

EV’s do not like long periods of inactivity so even if it can’t be driven ensure that the vehicle has a ‘trickle charge’ to maintain battery power.

  1. Avoid extreme temperatures

Batteries do not like extreme hot or cold.  On a very hot day, try and park your vehicle in the shade or charge on a slow AC connection so that the vehicle’s own thermal management system can stop the battery from overheating.  On a very cold day batteries will less be less effective; plugging in a parked EV will help the thermal systems keep the battery warm.

  1. Follow the manufacturer’s servicing recommendations

Don’t be fooled in to thinking that an EV does not need servicing or regular checks.  Please ensure you follow the guidelines of the vehicle manufacturer as you incur charges at the end of your lease if any checks have been missed.   If you are unsure on what you need to do please contact our Technical Team.  

Day’s Fleet has partnered with Pod Point as our EV charger supplier, if you are considering an EV charger for your home please get in touch.     

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