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How do Ford take the bestselling van of all time into the future?

Our Business Development Managers Ashley Davies and James Duke recently attended the launch of the all new Ford e-Transit at the CEM Day Limited Truck Centre where James was keen to give the vehicle a test.

James said: “There were two electric demonstration vehicles in attendance and during the test drive I covered 10 miles through the city, including some motorway driving.  Wanting to compare miles in the e-transit to the diesel equivalent, I started the test in an unladen 390 E-Transit 135kw(PS) L4 – H2 (long wheelbase – standard roof), the vehicle indicated 74% battery life and after the 10-mile journey I was parking up with 67% battery range remaining. With 7% battery used this returned 10 miles worth of range, that works out at pro rata 142 mile total range, 100% to 0% –  through experience and testing many electric vehicles from all manufacturers, reducing the WLTP range by 20% to work out the real life range, the E-Transit test range was not that far off.

“The battery capacity on all E-Transits is 68kw, therefore charging from a GRIDSERVE 350kw/h charge station at 50p per KW, a full 144 mile range charge would cost circa £32.46 and comparing our previous calculations, that’s circa £22.85 for our 100 miles.

“The vehicle drove exceptionally well with its independent coil spring suspension, the drive was solid on the road and very quiet even without a load.

“With only a blue grill and E-Transit badge on the rear door to indicate it was an electric vehicle, it didn’t look any different to the standard everyday Transit.    The touchscreen taken from the Mustang Mach-e or Ford’s sync 4 entertainment system, which was easy to navigate all of the vehicle controls and EV system management.    The gear selector wheel was very simple and easy to use, Park, Reverse, Neutral and Drive, with a centre button displaying ‘L’ which I found out after the test drive, that this would engage increased regenerative breaking when selected.

The Gross Vehicle Weight of the Transit we tested was 3900kgs, leaving a generous 1351kg maximum load weight.

“Although, the demonstrator we tested requires a C1 on the driver’s license, as its plated weight is 3900kgs and an operator’s Licence is required to drive a vehicle over 3500kg plated weight for the purpose of carrying goods in conjunction with a trade or business.

“An operator’s licence is required whether or not goods are carried for hire or reward.

“With a vehicle list price of £52,035 +VAT compared to the diesel equivalent of £46,075 +VAT, it may be some time before the business recuperates the difference in price”.

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