Winter driving tips

Winter Driving Tips
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Keeping your vehicle well maintained is especially important during winter months, please remember to conduct regular safety checks on your vehicle and take extra care with the changing weather conditions.

Simple checks to carry out at least once a month:


Check tyre condition to see if there is adequate tread, tyres should be changed at 2mm. Look for damage such as splits or bulges and check pressure when tyres are cold.


In winter, your battery will run down quicker due to the increased use of lights and heaters. Make sure you do an occasional long journey to top it up.


Clear all ice or snow from the windscreen before driving. Do not use water to de-ice windscreens; hot water can crack the glass. Also ensure your wiper blades are fit for purpose.


Poor visibility is a common cause of road accidents, and with those dark early nights it’s important to ensure your car’s lights and indicators are working so that your vehicle remains safe on the road during the winter months.

Screen Wash

Keep this topped up and use an additive at the right concentration to prevent it freezing. Also remember to check your oil and brake fluid levels.


Emergency Winter Driving Kit Essentials:

• Ice scraper and de-icer
• High-visibility vest
• Snow spade
• First aid kit
• Mobile phone (charged)
• Warning triangle
• Blanket, warm clothes and boots
• Torch and batteries


If your vehicle is on a maintenance contract with us, all service bookings must be made via our 24/7 DriverLine service on 0345 296 4423.

Any bookings made outside of this will not be authorised and may result in inconvenience to the driver.

When you call DriverLine you will be presented with the following options:

1 for Breakdown, Windscreen replacements/repairs & Accident Management
2 for vehicle servicing, MOT bookings or tyre replacements
3 for rental vehicles via our Flexi Hire service
4 to speak to head office