Driving when the clocks go back

Driving when the clocks go back
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The clocks go back one hour on 30th October and it’s worth considering that this time of year sees an increase in vehicle accidents.

As the nights draw in and the weather gets colder, drivers need to take extra care on the roads.

Here are our top tips for keeping safe at this time of year:-

  • Don’t wait until it’s fully dark to turn your lights on; consider seeing and being seen whenever conditions are dull.
  • Adapt your driving, slow down and leave more space between you and the vehicle in front.
  • Be aware that cold and damp conditions change the road surface and make any manouvre more treacherous – ensure your speed matches the conditions.
  • Look out for vulnerable road users in the dark including motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians
  • Ensure that your interior windscreen is clean and free from greasy residues and your exterior mirrors and lights are clean.