M6 toll prices to be increased

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The operator of the M6 Toll road has announced new prices to come into effect.

From 6am on July 30th, prices will rise for cars by between 30p and 50p per journey, for light goods vehicles by 10p-30p and for heavy goods vehicles by 20p-50p, depending on the journey made.

As a result, the cost of driving a car along the length of the M6 Toll will increase from £5.90 to £6.40, while trucks will have to pay £11.50 per journey.

Prices will be frozen for night time journeys for all light and heavy goods vehicles to support operators during on-going roadworks on the M6.

According to Andy Cliffe, chief executive of Midland Expressway Limited, which operates the road, a trial scheme will also be introduced to cap prices for local drivers. Under the proposal, ‘at least’ 100 locals will be offered a ‘Hopper’ product that offers a maximum £20 weekly fee for unlimited use of the road.