Days Fleet awarded ‘Go Ultra Low’ company status

Go Ultra Low
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Days Fleet are delighted to have achieved ‘Go Ultra Low Company’ status, in recognition of how the business has already adopted the usage of plug-in cars within its company fleet and its commitment to boost uptake of plug-in vehicles over the coming years.

Public and private sector organisations that already use EVs, or offer them to employees as company cars, are eligible for Go Ultra Low Company status, providing there’s a commitment for EVs to make up 5% or more of their vehicle fleet by 2020.

Neil Vaughan, marketing manager at Days Fleet said: “We are delighted to be recognised as a Go Ultra Low Company.

“Fleets are continually looking to consider their options in relation to low emission vehicles and we want to play a pivotal part in helping our clients to construct a fleet policy which meets their business needs.

Poppy Welch, Head of Go Ultra Low, said: “We want to encourage every business in the UK to follow the example set by Days Fleet to offer employees the chance to drive or own an electric vehicle.

“Not only does it demonstrate a commitment to a cleaner automotive future, but there are multiple short- and long-term financial benefits for companies and their employees to enjoy. Thanks to the wide variety of models available and their cost-saving potential, this is a realistic and rewarding option for businesses large and small.”