Changes to UK driving laws

Driving Law Changes
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So far this year we have seen changes to driving licences, drug-drive limits and speed limits, with more changes expected to take place later in the year.

Are you familiar with the changes which have been made and what is still to come? Below we look at some of the changes that have taken place, as well as those which will be introduced in the coming months which all motorists need to be aware of.

Changes to date:-

New Drug-Driving Laws Come into Effect

In March, a new law on driving under the influence of legal or illegal drugs including cannabis, ketamine, ecstasy and cocaine and prescription drugs including diazepam, methadone and morphine came into force across England and Wales.

Drivers who are convicted of drug-driving will be served with a minimum of a twelve-month driving ban, unlimited fine, up to six months imprisonment and a criminal record.

Paper Driving Licence No Longer Valid

The DVLA abolished the paper counterpart to the driving licence on June 8th. Paper driving licences issued before the photocard was introduced in 1998 will remain valid and should not be destroyed.

HGV speed limit increase

In April, the speed limit for the largest heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) travelling on a single carriageway across England and Wales increased from 40mph to 50mph, and on a dual carriageway it has increased from 50mph to 60mph (3).

What is still to come?

The Safer Lorry Scheme

A new scheme in London will be introduced later this year on 1 September that ensures all lorries and construction vehicles over 3.5 tonnes are fitted with basic safety equipment.

The Safer Lorry Scheme, which will be enforced by the Metropolitan Police, City of London Police and the Driver Vehicle Standards Agency, will aim to tackle the number of fatal collisions involving cyclists and pedestrians. The scheme will run 24 hours a day across the city and any drivers found in charge of a non-compliant vehicle may be issued with a £50 penalty notice and a potential £1000 fine at the Magistrates Court

Smoking in Cars will Become Illegal

Upcoming changes to driving laws will also see smoking in cars carrying children under the age of 18 becoming illegal from 1 October. Potential fines and penalties are expected to be announced closer to the date.

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