AFR Rates for December 2017 announced

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HMRC has released its latest advisory fuel rates (AFRs) which will come into force from December 1.

The rates apply to all journeys made on or after 1 December until further notice.  However, for one month from the date of change, employers may choose to use either the previous or new rates.

There are four changes: a 1p per mile increase for diesel-engined vehicles and LPG vehicles over 2,000cc and a 1ppm increase for petrol and LPG vehicles between 1,401cc and 2,000cc.

The new rates are as follows.


1600cc  or  less: 9p (no change)

1601cc  to  2000cc: 11p (no change)

Over  2000cc: 13p (up by 1p)


1400cc  or  less: 11p (no change)

1401cc  to  2000cc: 14p (up by 1p)

Over  2000cc: 21p (no change)


1400cc  or  less: 7p (no change)

1401cc  to  2000cc: 9p (up by 1p)

Over  2000cc: 14p (up by 1p)


For more information, please visit our reclaimable mileage allowance section.